Customer Service and cost of product is what sets Lucent Lighting, Inc. apart from other lighting companies. We will visit any job site and give advice, make sure we have an absolute understanding of each floor plan, offer quick turn-around times on bids and take care of any problems that arise (big or small) in a fast, professional manner. With 15 years of experience, Kevin understands the needs and differences of production and custom builders. Creating lighting packages can often be a great way for builders to simplify lighting options for their customers. Whether you are a production builder that has a national agreement with one lighting company or a custom builder that wants to offer a broader selection, we can find the perfect fixtures for your building project.

Call Kevin at (336) 399-1113 to set up a meeting.
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A few samples packages are below:
Builder package – Wingate PDFBuilder Package – Wheaton PDFBuilder Package – Excutive PDFBuilder Package – Excutive 2 PDFBuilder Package – JDouglas PDFBuilder Package – Albany PDF